Komptech windrow turners

Topturn X

In windrow composting, regular turning is critical for proper processing. The Topturn X is one of the most widely used compost turners in the world, with a range configured for the most common windrow sizes.

Allowing you to turn windrows from 4.5 m to 6 m wide and up to 2.6 m high, it provides faultless mixing. Its hydraulically raising, comfortable cabins and fold out maintenance platforms make it a very safe option for daily operations and maintenance. An optional side-displacement unit allows you to move the windrow as you turn to provide optimum efficiency while the machine is in operation.

Komptech Topturn windrow turner

Cab lowered

Topturn operators will appreciate the hydraulically raised cabin with roomy maintenance platforms.

The operator can also easily access the cabin at ground level.

Komptech Topturn windrow turner cab lowered

Topturn X

Type range: 4500/5000/6000
Power: 151-310 kW
Max. throughput : 3,000-5,000 m3/h
Design: Track, Wheel
Drive type: Hydraulic, Diesel

Topturn X63

Power: 287 kW
Max. throughput : 4500 m3/h
Design: Track, Wheel
Drive type: Hydraulic, Diesel
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